What We Offer

We offer brands 60-90 second integrated ads, dedicated videos, and brand logo placement within our content. Join the growing list of brands we’ve worked with to share your products and services with our viewers.

Partnership Services

Dedicated Video

6 Months Later will create a full video centered around your brand or a specific product.

60-90 Sec Integrated Ad

A 60-90 sec Ad featuring your brand or a specific product integrated into a 6 Months Later video.

“Presented by YOUR BRAND”

Your brand logo is placed at the top right hand corner of the entire video.

Each Service Includes:

Performance Data

Access to YouTube performance data for up to 1 year. Includes data such as views, retention, audience info, and more.

Campaign Links

Your campaign URL links will be shown “above the fold” in our YouTube video descriptions.


We offer discounts for purchasing multiple services at one time as well as purchasing our service bundles.

For more information on pricing, packages, and discounts:

Brands We’ve Worked With

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Join the growing list of brands we’re working with and help us bring more great products and services to our audience.