Why 6 Months Later?

“You can’t know how a product will change your life within a week. You have to live with it, use it as your own for the long term”


Founded in 2017 as a YouTube channel by Josh Teder, 6 Months Later was created to address the gap in tech reviews by focusing on the long-term impacts of tech and home products.


To help people better understand the long-term impacts of the technology around them.


Our content is focused around three categories: long-term reviews, feature updates, and how-to videos.

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Ethics Statement

As of Jan 2022, these are the core guidelines for our code of conduct:

  • We don’t accept payment to review any product, period.
  • When we receive a product from a brand, it will be disclosed in the video as well as in the video description.
  • When one of our videos has a sponsored segment, we will disclose who sponsored the segment in the following ways:
    • Visually disclosing that sponsorship within the first 15 seconds of our content.
    • Verbally and visually announcing when the start of the sponsored segment begins.
      • ex. “And before we move on, let’s talk a bit about this video’s sponsor Pied Piper”
    • Placing a visual watermark over the sponsored part of the video that clearly states who the sponsor is.
  • We do not accept preconditions for coverage of a product in our reviews.
  • We do not make paid endorsements of any kind.
  • We do not personally invest in companies we cover.

Partner Program Disclosures

From time to time we enter partnership programs with brands for either revenue generation or in order to obtain products. These are the current partner programs we are a part of:

Amazon Associates Program

We place Amazon affiliate links in our video descriptions which, when clicked on and/or someone buys something on Amazon from our link, we will receive a small percentage of that sale.

Google Pixel Influencer Program

We get access Pixel devices before the general public at no cost and the opportunity to speak with internal Google employees who worked on the Pixel devices.

If you’re interested in partnering with our channel or learning more about our sponsorship opportunities, check our our Partnerships page.

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