The Channel

We review products after 6 months of use because you can’t know how a product will change your life in a week. You have to live with it, use it as your own.


6 Months Later Reviews was founded in May 2017 by Josh Teder.

The original goal was to focus on long-term reviews of tech and home products. Josh thought there was too much emphasis placed on products when they initially launched and not enough followup to see if they actually impacted people’s lives in the ways that were expected.

Our Focus

Today, the channel focuses on three content categories: long-term reviews, feature updates, and how-to videos.

We continue our commitment to focus on the long-term experiences of products and are constantly on the lookout for new products we think our audience will love.


We partner with brands that make products our audience will love.

Partnership Programs

We currently are a part of several brand and influencer programs to help grow our channel:

Amazon Associates Program

Google Pixel Influencer Program

Notable Partnerships

We have partnered with many brands to bring new and exciting products to our audience and help our channel grow:

LenovoSurfShark VPN

Partnership Disclosures

We commit to being fully transparent with our audience members. Anytime a brand gives us a product for free, sponsors a video or an ad, that sponsorship will be disclosed in the video itself and in the video description.

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